Kristen Hart, L.Ac

During your session...

Each healing session is unique, and I use a blend of techniques (hands-on healing, energetic alignment, guided meditation, etc.) in addition to acupuncture.  Unlike other acupuncturists, I remain in the room with you for the duration of the session (typically 75 min).

First, we will discuss your reasons for seeking treatment/ progress with ongoing concerns, and determine an overall course for our session.  

After the chosen points are needled, stones & crystals are selected for specific healing purposes which will be held or placed on the body.  Bone, feathers or other natural healing instruments may be used as well.  From that point, hands-on healing & energetic alignment are applied. Focused meditation work may also be utilized, depedning on your indivudual needs.  During this time, you will likely enter into a state between sleep and consciousness,where you will be extremely relaxed, but still aware of all that is happening. This is the time for you to go inward and listen to the messages your body sends through thoughts, memories & sensations. Patients have likened sessions to a deep guided meditation.

Following your session, you will likely experience a sense of deep calm & relaxation. It is best not to schedule any pressing appointments after treatment-  take time for yourself to simply let the effects of the healing session sink in. Notice what has changed- have symptoms (pain, fatigue, anxiety,etc.) become less frequent or shifted location? Did a new symptom or positive effect reveal itself? Perhaps a poignant memory came to light, or you had an especially vivid dream. Keeping track of subtle changes in the body & mind can help you to foster greater awareness and is very useful in determining your individual progress with treatments.    

Post-treatment ...

Acupuncture Portland spiritual

Beyond our physical bodies, we are connected to the natural and spiritual world through unseen pathways and energetic channels.  When we are able to enter into a space where we can experience these connections and allow our deeper trust to guide us, healing can and does occur on deep spiritual, energetic and cellular levels.  With Spirit-centered acupuncture, we create that space by attuning to our universal spiritual connection, deepening our internal awareness, & allowing ourselves to listen to the guidance that our body & spirit give us.  From this place of centered calm, we can find alignment with our deeper purpose.

The grounding nature of this medicine helps to maintain an inner calm while increasing focus, energy & awareness.  Spirit-centered sessions can be particularly helpful in cases of anxiety, stress, panic, grief, trauma, insomnia, & depression. If you are searching for a deeper spiritual connection, this can offer the guidance and space that you need.

Mitakuye oyasin is a Lakota saying which means "all my relatives".  We are related to everything in the universe- animals, plants, earth, spirit. This is the unseen oneness that binds us all together.  With this healing practice, we draw on this connection to guide healing, intuition, inner revelations that come from the alignment of ourselves and everything on and of the Earth.  

About Spirit Centered Acupuncture...

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