Kristen Hart, L.Ac

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I Ching Readings with Drumming

The I Ching (The Book of Changes) is known as a book of wisdom based in natural philosophy. It is a guide to harmony & balance.  The book itself (and it’s many translations), are a collection of beautiful readings crafted to help us understand the changing nature of existence & how to best evolve with it.  It is considered in some lights to be a practice of divination, but it is much more than that.  Using the Book of Changes, we are tapping into our deep relationship/ our place in the natural rhythms of the Earth, the Cosmos & asking Nature for guidance in our current situation.  It implements ancient wisdom for modern decisions. A reading with the I Ching allows us thoughtful time to re-order our thinking on the issue at hand & to return to alignment within the Universal Flow of Being.  


Basically, a reading flows like this:

  • you pose a question/ ask for guidance on an issue that you need help with (we will discuss to help clarify your query, if needed)

  • You toss coins to determine what readings you'll receive based on your question.  

  • We will read the passages & discuss the elements of your inquiry together.

  • You will receive the reading in vibrational form, through drumming.  This helps to align you energetically with the guidance that is offered


read more about the I Ching here

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