Kristen Hart, L.Ac

Health is a cumulative relationship of our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical selves.  When one facet is out of alignment, the others are subsequently affected. We must work with all of these aspects to maintain health-  true healing lies in their harmony & balance.


I am deeply inspired by nature, both in my personal life and within my healing work. I focus on Harmony & Balance as the foundations of my sessions. My healing philosophy centers on bringing inner spiritual nature in alignment with our external purpose. We can easily get caught up in the maddening, goal-oriented, stress-filled lifestyle that has been made to seem normal to most of us living and working in this country. Finding a way to connect to nature & your inner-nature, is a powerful healing tool.


I studied acupuncture & Chinese Medicine in both Chicago & San Diego, graduating in 2008 with a Master's of Science Degree in Oriental Medicine (MSOM).  I practiced acupuncture at Magnolia House in Chicago, IL until 2012, when I ventured westward to Portland, OR to start a new chapter.  My formal training has since been enhanced by my studies of indigenous spiritual healing of the Lakota tradition, the inclusion of intuitive hands-on healing & vibrational sound therapy.  Spirit-Centered Acupuncture is my creative process of blending these tools into a unique healing experience for you.

Kristen Hart

L.Ac, MSOM, NCCAOM certified

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