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I have yet to meet another healer quite like Kristen. She has excellent intuition, insight, and provides delicate yet powerful holistic care. I have seen Kristen for 7 years for all manner of physical and spiritual balancing. She continues to reevaluate her practice and add incorporate her studies and research into her toolkit of healing. Kristen uses a combination of traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture mixed with energy healing to treat and care for the whole being. Her guidance and suggestions always keep me thinking about ways I can feel my best after I have left her treatment sessions. Her clinical wisdom and kind heart are a perfect combination for a strong healer.

-Sarah H


I have seen Kristen off and on for the last six years for acupuncture and energy work. I find her such a great combination of tender sensitivity and direct inquisitiveness - she really helps to hone in on what I am wanting to work on.  I have a lifelong fear of needles -as well as a very strong desire to do acupuncture- and she has worked very sweetly and patiently to help me get comfortable with the needles.  She has specific strategies to use that have worked.  I like that she invites me to sense whether I want to go inward and just experience the work, or to track with her the sensations, images, and feelings as they arise.  I find that the latter often deepens the work.  Some of the issues I have worked on with her are digestion, low energy, and fears around my beloved dog's illness, but also just to have the experience of her healing presence. After sessions I feel a sense of rest, body ease, and a quiet clarity about next steps.

- Catherine H.


There are lots of acupuncturists to choose from.  For me, what sets them apart is how good they are at choosing an effective treatment and the experience they create for you while you are in their care.  Kristen is excellent at both.  She has been very effective in using both the needles and Chinese herbs to reduce all the health issues I came in complaining about.  She also creates a very soothing and connected experience while treating you.  Most acupuncturists will place the needles and leave you alone in the room for awhile.  Kristen stays with you, in a kind of shared meditation.  She always knows exactly what I need.  Her presence is very relaxing and while she is treating me I feel a deep connection.  For someone who has a very hard time relaxing or slowing down, she is the best medicine.  She is a genuine person and a skilled practitioner.  I will never go to another practitioner again.

-Tanya S.


Kristen is the human equivalent of Xanax...just being in her presence is so calming and reassuring.  Not only is she a great practitioner of acupuncture and chinese medicine, she is also an intuitive healer.  Kristen nurtures the mind, body and spirit with her tender care.  Not only has she helped me work through the various issues I was having, she has helped me focus and see some underlying issues that have been contributing to my current health concerns.   Kristen is amazing and I have sent several friends and family to see her.

-Stefanie D.


Kristen is, quite simply, one of the most skilled healers I have ever encountered. I met Kristen through our shared yoga teacher, felt her good energy, and wanted to see her for some treatment. As it turns out, we are both from Chicago, so there's a bit of kinship there! She studied with a Lakota medicine man for several years; her approach is deeply spiritual, infinitely kind and completely supportive. She incorporates her own homegrown/handmade plant medicine into her work, as well as sound vibrational healing. She facilitates healing of the body/mind/spirit complex across the board. I cannot recommend her highly enough! Do yourself a huge favor and establish a healing relationship with this beautiful soul.

-Mara M.



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