Kristen Hart, L.Ac


Acupuncture is a treatment method of Traditional Chinese Medicine where hair-thin needles are inserted into the body at specific points.  These points lie on channels, or meridians, through which the energy, blood & fluid of our bodies move.  The meridians interconnect all parts of our bodies- from the head & limbs to the internal organs, the most superficial layers to the deepest regions.  When we experience dis-ease or discomfort, energy in our channels can be low, stuck, or mis-directed. Based on the issue at hand, select points are chosen to move, re-direct, tonify & balance our energies. 


Vibrational medicine employs the healing properties of sound (drum, rattle, toning), selected stones, crystals, bone, & other natural instruments to increase energetic vibrations as well as to hasten the release of certain energies that may be stuck or unwanted in the physical body or the larger energetic body.  


On a cellular level, this technique increases healing potential of organs and tissues. This is useful for reducing headaches, back pain, muscle & joint soreness, balancing organ systems & glands, healing burns & injuries, recovery after surgeries, and nearly any physical symptom or ailment you may be experiencing.  It can also be used to lessen the effects of emotional stress on the body, which can affect our immune system, sleep cycles, moods, etc.

Although it is termed a "touch" therapy, at times the practitioner's hands may be above your physical body, connecting with your energetic body.  This involves chakras and energy vortexes that exist within and around your body.  


Herbs are both plant & animal medicines. Many formulas used today are based on classic pairings from the ancient traditions.  Herbal medicine is often recommended in conjunction with acupuncture treatment, but can be employed on its own, depending on the case.  Nutritional recommendations are a large part of herbal medicine.  

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The I Ching helps us to see the totality of our question, the scope of our inquiry in all its wider connections.  It helps you shine light on confusing situations, clearing the way for right & realistic actions, and assisting you to find the answers that exist within yourself. In this way, the I Ching sessions are like echos of our intuition that are able to resound & be heard in a new and perhaps clearer tone.

It can help to center you in your experience, to see optional pathways, and receive guidance during transitional times.


In summary, the I Ching can help you:

- find inner & outward balance in regards to your question

- Become more aware of the ever-changing conditions around & within you.

- Move with the flow of life

- See opportunity & avoid obstacles


The coin tosses relate to lines (firm / broken), which translate to Hexagrams- 6 line figures, which are translated into rhythmic vibration through drumming.  

After discussing your readings from the I Ching texts, you will receive the guidance energetically, allowing it to integrate with you spiritually & cellularly.



Avoid yes/no questions

For example, “Tell me about the possibility of my promotion at work,” “What is the energy around my upcoming travel to Iceland?

Your asking can be as immediate & simple as "What do I need to know today?"